SUPERMOM is a praiseworthy initiative from Square Toiletries Limited which started its journey 5 years back. This is actually a helping platform for mother which was initiated to make the lives of mothers easier. It includes is a full-fledged interactive website Supermom in both Bangla &English language and Facebook page Supermombd. Supermom also has a 24/7 telephone (0961 2222 333) service comprises of professional doctors, psychological counselor and executives.

The core objective of Supermom is to be a helping hand for mothers, either through a timely answer to a healthcare query or a superior product; we never want mothers to feel inadequate and alone.

A woman’s life goes through a monumental change once she plans on conceiving a child. Motherhood is a tough journey. There are training centers for all professions, but no training centers for mothers. Mothers seek trustworthy information among peers and even in internet. Our vision is to make SUPERMOM – the first friend of mothers.